Driving Test

Practical Driving Test For Cars

The practical driving test is conducted by the DSA and taken at a DSA driving test centre. Our driving instructors cover all driving test centres in Leeds & Bradford. The practical driving test last for around 40 minutes.

The practical driving test contains 3 sections which are the eyesight check, vehicle safety checks and main driving section.

The driving test will begin with an eyesight check which you will be required to read a UK vehicle number plate from a minimum distance of 20m (66ft) or 20.5m (67ft old style number plate.

The vehicle safety checks is commomly referred to as “show me, tell me”. You will be required to answer 2 random questions relating to car safety checks which driver should do on a regular basis.

On the main driving section you will be driving on a wide range of roads in different conditions directed by the driving examiner. You will also be required to safely demonstrate 2 reversing exercises and maybe an emergency stop exercise. During the driving test you will also need to show that you can drive independently following road signs and marking to get to a destination.

To pass the driving test you should avoid any more than 15 minor driving faults and any serious or dangerous driving faults.

At the end of the practical driving test the examiner will give you your result. With good proper driving lessons and ideal preparation you should get a successful result.