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Begin automatic driving lessons in York with a local professional instructor. Here, we have various affordable services available. Lessons are carried out professionally with approved and qualified Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) automatic driving instructors.

We offer automatic driving lessons in York and the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire. Whether you are looking to start your first drive, or you already have some experience at the wheel we have the expertise to tailor a course of automatic car lessons for you.

Your instructors will happily pick you up for lessons at your home, work, college, university or anywhere which is suitable. We offer driving lessons 7 days per week with evening and weekends sessions also. We offer lessons which you can take on a weekly basis and well as intensive courses if you are looking for a faster learning option.

Key benefits of automatic car lessons

Firstly, automatics only have two foot controls. There is no clutch, just an accelerator and footbrake. Because you will have less controls to master, you are likely to pass sooner and need less lessons with less costs.

Drive confidently with no stalling or hill start issues. Moving off uphill becomes much easier in an automatic. The gears are controlled by the automatic transmission. They change up and down automatically when required. This leaves drivers with more time to deal with other road essentials.

Modern automatic cars are nowadays very reliable and also very affordable to maintain. There are lots to choose from. They are becoming more popular year after year.

Driving an automatic car is fun and a more relaxed process. Whether you are taking a drive around, or on the motorway the whole process becomes easier to deal with.

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