Refresher Lessons

Automatic Car Refresher Driving Courses

Refresher driving lessons are an excellent short course which benefits nervous drivers, those who haven’t driven in a long while and is also a good way to tidy up bad driving habits. Our instructors in Leeds and Bradford have the experience to provide you with expert automatic car refresher driving lessons aimed to improve all aspects of your driving.

Whatever your need for refresher lessons, we can organise a course to help. For nervous drivers, our fun and friendly approach to driving lessons will help you relax and reach your potential.

What included with refresher lessons

We cover lots of topics and common requests for refresher lessons are for :-

  • Complex Junctions & Roundabouts
  • Driving In Towns & Cities
  • Motorway Driving
  • Driving At Night
  • Reversing

The number of lessons required depends on your current ability and how effective you can gain new driving skills. On your first refresher lesson we can estimate how many driving lessons it will take to reach your goal.

Refresher driving lesson also can help you save money. By learning how to drive economically and learning basic car maintenance checks you can make very noticeable savings making your refresher driving lessons pay for itself and more.

As with all aspects of tuition with us, our driving instructors deliver quality driving lessons which are excellent value for money.

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