Pass Plus Automatic Car Driving Course

Improve With Automatic Car Pass Plus Training

Pass Plus is a short, but highly recommended course. Pass Plus covers essential driving topics which help you to become a better driver in more complex situations than a learner driver. We offer Pass Plus with automatic driving lessons.

Benefits of Pass Plus include car insurance discounts and excellent driving tips & advice to improve confidence, safety and more. We have Pass Plus registered driving instructors giving all the guidance needed to successfully gain certification the benefits. If you are a nervous driver this course can also help you.

Pass Plus contains 6 modules and requires a minimum of 6 hours to complete the course. The course has no end test it will be assessed by our registered instructors. You will need to display a good skills which exceeds the level of a learner driver in order to be successful, but it is well worth it.

Pass Plus modules

Introduction & town driving

All weather driving

Driving out of town

Driving at night

Driving on dual carriageways

Motorway driving

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